Разбор эссе на тему ‘Books are still a better source of information than the Internet’

У многих ребят возникли сложности с написанием эссе на данную тему.


ПЕРИФРАЗGetting knowledge from books is said to be more beneficial than surfing the Internet.
АРГУМЕНТЫ «ЗА»– Traditional books are more trustworthy than online media because they are usually written by specialists, whereas articles on the Internet can be published by anyone, and they may contain unverified information;
– It is easier to use paper books, as they do not need electricity, and one can read them without the necessity to be connected to the Internet.
АРГУМЕНТЫ «ПРОТИВ»However, some people doubt the advantages of books over the Internet resources, claiming that in the 21st century traditional books are becoming outdated. Their argument is books’ inconvenience in usage: they are heavy and take a lot of space. To get information from a website you just need any electronic device with the Internet connection.
КОНТРАРГУМЕНТThough books have some drawbacks, such as their larger size and weight compared to modern gadgets, they have one unquestionable advantage – their simplicity to use and independence from other devices. All you have to do is open a book and find the information you need.

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