When I came into the room, my computer was on. It worried me since I switching it on. [NOT/REMEMBER]
I looked around - there nobody in my room and everything was in its usual place. [BE]
Suddenly I - the book had gone! I had left it on the table but it wasn’t there any more. [UNDERSTAND]
I checked the window - it . [CLOSE]
That meant that someone had come into the room through the door. My impulse was to call the police but I called Jim instead. [ONE]
“What ?” Jim sounded sleepy. [HAPPEN]
I explained that someone the book.“Oh, no!” Jim sounded unhappy. “Do you have any idea how valuable it is?”
“There’s another thing I understand,” I interrupted Jim. “My computer’s on but I always switch it off before leaving home.” [NOT/CAN]
“Ok, stay at home. I’ll be at place in half an hour,” he said and the phone went dead. [YOU]

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