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Разбор эссе на тему ‘Books are still a better source of information than the Internet’

У многих ребят возникли сложности с написанием эссе на данную тему.


ПЕРИФРАЗGetting knowledge from books is said to be more beneficial than surfing the Internet.
АРГУМЕНТЫ «ЗА»– Traditional books are more trustworthy than online media because they are usually written by specialists, whereas articles on the Internet can be published by anyone, and they may contain unverified information;
– It is easier to use paper books, as they do not need electricity, and one can read them without the necessity to be connected to the Internet.
АРГУМЕНТЫ «ПРОТИВ»However, some people doubt the advantages of books over the Internet resources, claiming that in the 21st century traditional books are becoming outdated. Their argument is books’ inconvenience in usage: they are heavy and take a lot of space. To get information from a website you just need any electronic device with the Internet connection.
КОНТРАРГУМЕНТThough books have some drawbacks, such as their larger size and weight compared to modern gadgets, they have one unquestionable advantage – their simplicity to use and independence from other devices. All you have to do is open a book and find the information you need.

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‘Online shopping will replace traditional shopping in the future’

ПЕРИФРАЗ Some people say, buying goods in the traditional shops will be replaced with shopping on the Internet in some years.
АРГУМЕНТЫ «ЗА» – Online shopping has some advantages for customers over traditional shops. It is more convenient, saves time, provides a wider range of goods;
– Owners of online shops have fewer expenses (no rent, no shop assistants).
АРГУМЕНТЫ «ПРОТИВ» When shopping online for clothes, it can be a problem to buy things without trying them on and find out the quality of fabrics. Besides, you have to wait for goods after ordering, you cannot take them straightaway.
КОНТРАРГУМЕНТ More and more shops have courier services offering clothes fitting, the process of logistics is improving, and delivery is getting quicker.

‘It is better for children to grow up in the city’

ПЕРИФРАЗ City life is considered to be better for children.
АРГУМЕНТЫ «ЗА» – City lifestyle provides a lot of advantages for children (educational establishments, sport facilities, healthcare, entertainment);
– Children learn to overcome difficulties in the city and live in the society.
АРГУМЕНТЫ «ПРОТИВ» Life in the city is not so good for health compared to living in the countryside.
КОНТРАРГУМЕНТ More and more cities observe standards of healthy lifestyle, people try to make life in the city not worse than in the country from ecological point.

‘One should read about historical sites before sightseeing’

ПЕРИФРАЗ Reading about historical places before visiting them is said to be necessary.
АРГУМЕНТЫ «ЗА» – Learning some facts before will make sightseeing more exciting;
– You can skip the guided tour and just enjoy visiting the site on your own.
АРГУМЕНТЫ «ПРОТИВ» Having learnt about the site, you may be not interested in the excursion.
КОНТРАРГУМЕНТ On the contrary, you may ask the guide some questions about the site. You can remember more of guide’s explanations when already knowing some information about the historical site you are visiting.

‘Computers cannot replace people’

ПЕРИФРАЗ Some people say that it is impossible to change humans for computers.
АРГУМЕНТЫ «ЗА» – Computers are not so powerful compared to the human brain;
– Computers cannot be easily taught unlike humans.
АРГУМЕНТЫ «ПРОТИВ» In some spheres robots are used instead of people because they can do some operations much better (calculate, perfom precisely and without mistakes).
КОНТРАРГУМЕНТ Though computers are widely applied in some spheres, they cannot replace people where human emotions, feelings, imagination are needed.

‘Some people object to animal testing’

ПЕРИФРАЗ Animal research has many opponents.
АРГУМЕНТЫ «ЗА» – It is unethical to subject poor creatures to painful procedures;
– There are alternatives to animal testing (tests using human cells, studies with human volunteers, etc).
АРГУМЕНТЫ «ПРОТИВ» All chemicals should be tested to understand their effect on people, and the easiest way is to test them on animals.
КОНТРАРГУМЕНТ Though it is the easiest way of testing chemicals, more and more companies refuse it because of animal protection groups’ pressure.

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